1. Complete Mobility: ZumeIn gives you the freedom to travel and to be in front of your client or where you want to be to do your job. Your sales team will have more time to be out visiting clients.

2. Zero Setup Time: ZumeIn eliminates the time, expense and complexity of installing and maintaining mobile data systems. With ZumeIn there is no software to install and no data to syncronise with your device. Your IT team do not need to waste time setting up systems, and your users won’t have to wait for their system to be configured.

3. Increased Security: No data exists on the device. If a device is lost or stolen it has no sensitive data stored on the device.

4. Reduced Costs: ZumeIn will deliver information to your users without the need to purchase ERP, database or reporting software licences. You can now provide secure low-cost information access to every member of your team including those users where it is difficult to justify the cost to buying and maintaining software licences.

5. Complete device flexibility and compatibility: Choosing a smart phone or tablet is a personal matter. Now there is no compromise. With 100’s of smartphones and tablets on the market you can choose the device that suits your lifestyle, your needs and your budget and still access your corporate database on the road.

6.Integrates information from different database “silos”: Is your information split between your ERP and your CRM or other database systems? ZumeIn can link this information together in one simple, seamless system.

7. Standard User Interface: We can provide our standard simplified user interface or we can design screens to suit your needs.

8. Tailored User Interface: Is your ERP system cluttered with too much information, and yet it omits some information you really need? Is key information split between different screens? With ZumeIn you can tailor screens to be as simple as possible. Presentation of information can be simplified to fit on simple screens to suit your needs.

9. Always online and up to date: With ZumeIn you are always accessing the system 0n-line. There is no risk of replication problems when the mobile device is “out of sync” with the main system. With ZumeIn there will be no “red faces”.

10. Links to your customers and business partners: ZumeIn is only limited by your imagination. It is an ideal method to deliver information to your customers and business partners.